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Virtual Hosting

Our virtual hosting servers are located in Germany, Netherlands, Russia and the United States. This is an excellent opportunity, you will always be close to the audience of your resource. Our virtual hosting always uses the latest software. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to worry about updating

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Application developers are often faced with situations where you want to create backup files, but thee is no place to store it. Renting an FTP server in GetServer .NET will help solve this problem. After receiving the login and password, the service user will be able to download and upload files to the hosting.

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Virtually dedicated servers

Virtually dedicated servers are currently located only in the Netherlands, but we promise that we will develop and distribute our VDS throughout the planet Earth. In addition to VDS, you will get excellent support and basic administration, note - absolutely free.

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18 September

October came, the Second month of autumn.

This means that we have been on the market for four months, and we have achieved a lot in those months. Yes, unfortunately, we do not have a large user base right now, but we do have experience and...

4 July

Virtual servers in the Russian Federation

We are pleased to announce that we have managed in a very short time to open a location in Russian Federation for virtual servers! Prices are not expensive, you can see for yourself on our website. Also, for tariffs...

14 June

Lowering of prices

Dear users and "non-users" we want to inform you that we have revised our pricing policy and, we can say, radically changed the entire pricing policy. Now you can purchase a virtual hosting starting from 0.6 USD per month...

1 June

We are opening, hooray!!!

We are pleased to inform all-all-all that we have opened and now you can order the best services with the kindest support from us!