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Virtual Hosting

Our virtual hosting servers are located in Germany, Netherlands, Russia and the United States. This is an excellent opportunity, you will always be close to the audience of your resource. Our virtual hosting always uses the latest software. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to worry about updating

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Application developers are often faced with situations where you want to create backup files, but thee is no place to store it. Renting an FTP server in GetServer .NET will help solve this problem. After receiving the login and password, the service user will be able to download and upload files to the hosting.

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Virtually dedicated servers

Virtually dedicated servers are currently located only in the Netherlands, but we promise that we will develop and distribute our VDS throughout the planet Earth. In addition to VDS, you will get excellent support and basic administration, note - absolutely free.

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FTP-25GB  -  $2

FTP-50GB  -  $3.99

FTP-100GB  -  $7.5

FTP-500GB  -  $15

FTP-1000GB  -  $30

What so how?

Reliability at any time of the day

We store the data on FTP-storage servers very carefully and in turn make backups of your backups several times a week and store at least two copies.

Time saviing

It’s easy to create, schedule backups and set them up through our control panel or API, and downloading files and restoring backups take only a couple of minutes.

Protection of personal data

When working with backups through our panel, your connection will be protected using an enterprise level SSL certificate. We also use only new drives in RAID 10, which guarantees the highest possible data integrity.