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Virtual Hosting

Our virtual hosting servers are located in Germany, Netherlands, Russia and the United States. This is an excellent opportunity, you will always be close to the audience of your resource. Our virtual hosting always uses the latest software. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to worry about updating

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Application developers are often faced with situations where you want to create backup files, but thee is no place to store it. Renting an FTP server in GetServer .NET will help solve this problem. After receiving the login and password, the service user will be able to download and upload files to the hosting.

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Virtually dedicated servers

Virtually dedicated servers are currently located only in the Netherlands, but we promise that we will develop and distribute our VDS throughout the planet Earth. In addition to VDS, you will get excellent support and basic administration, note - absolutely free.

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Questions and answers

How to place an order for hosting?

To make a service, you need to register in the billing system and place an order in the appropriate section.

How fast can I start using the hosting and domain?

After registration and payment of the order instant activation occurs, so if you pay for the order by payment method with instant crediting, you can immediately start using hosting. The application for registration of the domain is also sent without delay.

What is billing?

Billing is a system for billing customers for the services provided by the company and the goods sold. The English word bill is translated exactly as "account". Billing in modern companies is a complex set of programs that allows you to take into account the number of services rendered in various measurement units, charge them and bill customers for them, taking into account stocks and discounts.

Can’t delete file using FTP!

Try to use the File Manager ( in Control Panel). If these steps do not help please create a Support Ticket. Type the path to the file and we will delete it.

How to transfer a domain to you? which DNS to prescribe?

After activating your account, you will receive a letter with settings which will indicate what DNS you have to register for your domain. If the domain is bought not with us the operation to change the DNS you make on your site registrator (or use their support). To change the DNS domain purchased from us you have to make a request in the form of changing DNS on your billing pannel. Or create a ticket.

In which case should I buy VPS on the Linux platform?

VPS Linux is a hosting service in which the user is provided with a virtual dedicated server with Linux installed.
Linux VPS is right for you:

• If you work with PHP and Perl.
• If you use such types of databases as mSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL, which allow you to optimize the work with large amounts of data and facilitate their quick processing.
• If you plan to use a special secure SSH protocol. It allows you to tunnel TCP connections (for example, to transfer files) and use the selected encryption method to protect all site traffic, including passwords. VPS Linux allows the server to easily maintain the functioning of sites even with very high traffic, without burdening its work with add-ons, such as a chatroom or a web statistics module.

How to choose a suitable tariff for hosting services?

A wide range of favorable tariffs for GetServer.Net hosting services allows customers to find efficient hosting solutions that meet their individual business needs.
The main criteria for choosing hosting tariffs:

• provided amount of disk space;
• number of domain names;
• number of databases;
• number of mailboxes;
• amount of disk space for backup;
• price of hosting services.

But the main thing when choosing any tariff plan is to choose the most reliable solution with a favorable ratio of the quality of hosting services and the set price.

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